SONO: For Peace and Quiet at Home

The SONO allows you to filter sounds from outside, giving you ultimate noise control. SONO-For-Peace-and-Quiet-at-Home-05 Don’t you hate the sound of the garbage truck picking up your trash when you’re trying to sleep in? Or trying to work through the sound of cranes and tractors outside your apartment studio. Even though you are in your home, the sound of car horns, yelling kids and construction will always seep through your windows, no matter how tight it’s shut. SONO-For-Peace-and-Quiet-at-Home-04 Designed by Rudolph Stefanich, SONO is a noise cancelling device that can be applied to all the windows in your house, giving you a peaceful environment: one that you would and should expect inside your own home. Stress inducing sounds just disappear. The SONO not only allows you to eliminate sounds but also allows you to control each sound individually. You may want to erase the sound of road construction but don’t mind the sound of birds chirping. This device will allow you to custom control the sound in your home. SONO-For-Peace-and-Quiet-at-Home-03 The technology is similar to that of noise cancelling headphones. The SONO uses tiny microphones that pick up and wipe out ambient noise. When it is applied to a window, it counter-vibrates the window to silence the sounds coming from outside. The device itself is powered from the energy of electromagnetic noise from Wi-Fi and similar signals, harvested by concentric broadband antenna rings. SONO-For-Peace-and-Quiet-at-Home-02 Recognized as a James Dyson Award finalist, the SONO is a working prototype and though it is very promising, it will be a process before it hits the market.   Whether you live in a city with constant road construction, or the suburbs with children running around outside, the SONO will help shut out any unwanted sounds.