Pen Printer

With over 1.5 billion disposable pens sent to landfills yearly, an inconspicuous modern convenience is revisited and brilliantly rethought by designers Tae-Jin Kim and Su-In Kim. The Pen Printer is a clever solution for extending the life of the everyday pen. pen_printer-01 The Pen Printer harmoniously blends into any modern office environment with its sleek, minimalist design. Compact, mobile and USB compatible, this printer easily fills a void for students to executives alike who require printing on-the-go. Its minute size ideally fits in any backpack, briefcase or purse and, with the power sourced from your computer, it is easily a natural extension of your laptop. A convenient power button and a generous A4 sized paper allowance insures a wide variety of printing options. With this product an office space can be created from virtually anywhere. pen_printer-04 With many used pens, stagnant ink sometimes remains. Perceived as unusable, they end up being thrown in the garbage. The technology proposed by Kim and Kim ingeniously utilizes heat to revitalize ink from a pen normally considered trash. The Pen Printer accommodates pens of varying size due to the smart rubber bladder housed within. Simply insert a pen and the regenerated ink is then extracted and injected like a conventional printer cartridge, to create your document on the fly. pen_printer-03 Although at an early conceptual stage, the Pen Printer answers current office technology demands as well as responsibly seeking environmental solutions for an overlooked global dilemma of office waste. As we move forward to a paperless society, the Pen Printer is a keen vision, well-deserving of future consideration and research.