Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger

Designed by Issam Trabelsi, Nokia FIT, is a flexible rubber and silicone cell phone concept that fits onto your finger. The device rests on the index finger like a ring and saves the ears from the continuous exposure to Bluetooth radiation. nokia-fit-cell-phone-concept-1 When you get a text or phone call, the FIT vibrates to alert you and you can simply hold your finger up to your ear to talk and listen. nokia-fit-cell-phone-concept-2 This light weight ring phone can fit many different sizes of fingers. You can even use it in the swimming pool as it is waterproof. nokia-fit-cell-phone-concept-3 The FIT’s design is minimalist. Altogether it only has two small buttons for picking up and ending calls. It also sports small LED indicators that notify you of missed calls and unread messages.