Multifunctional Bathtub: Water-Saving Tub

If you’re an average sized person or just love the underwater experience of baths, you’ll know that most bath tubs are just not big enough for a proper soaking. Sometimes the hassle is that you just need to shave your legs or wash your feet and the water trickles back onto the flat surface of the tub. Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee and Jiwon Moon take these problems into consideration and uses that knowledge to create The Multifunctional Bathtub. The Multifunctional Bathtub is an innovative design that results in saving water and eliminates the tall people problems. What makes it so special is that it is a tilting bathtub — with just a step of a pedal, the bathtub adjusts to three angles that best suits your needs. The Multifunctional Bathtub is a half egg shape positioned atop a convex platform. The platform has rollers underneath the tub, and pressing the pedal on the side of the platform releases the lock of the rollers and lets you adjust the tilt of the tub. multifunctional-bathtub-water-saving-02 Locked in the footbath position, water spews out only into the small hallowed area where your feet rest while sitting in the tub, keeping your bottom drive. This position saves 60% of water than in a normal tub. The second angle is at rest, the standard level half egg shape that allows the bather to have a half body bath. This saves 40% of water. The final position saves 20% of water compared to a standard tub. The full body bath tilts downward so most of the water completely covers the torso. Because of the inner design of the tub that curves to match a natural sitting position, nearly everyone can comfortably have a full body bath. multifunctional-bathtub-water-saving-03 Including side handrails, The Multifunctional Bathtub is a great investment to have that saves water in the long run and is a sleek design for any washroom.