Wall Hook (Lift): It Started With An Idea….

The Need

At IPPINKA we’re obsessed with finding functional and beautiful products, and we’re always reviewing samples of products to consider for our store. One side effect of our obsession with design is that these things end up all over the place, on our chairs, desk and floor. What most of these products have in common is that they could somehow be hung. And there it happened, we had an idea. An idea about reigning in the mess that builds up in small living and work spaces. October 2015 opened doors to IPPINKA’s very own product line, beginning with a versatile wall hook. Wall-Hook-Blog9-Ap29

The Research

We started looking at other storage solutions out there, but we weren’t quite satisfied. Products that were dainty and beautiful were too fragile. Products that did the job looked too clunky. We thought about the places we live here in Toronto: small spaces where functionality and harmony is needed. We asked ourselves: why can’t a hook be useful but also not stick out like a sore thumb? Wall-Hook-Blog12-Ap29

The Idea

We knew that we wanted two things. We wanted our wall hook to be strong but beautiful; able to hold a bicycle but still elegant enough to display your cashmere scarf. We also wanted a wall hook that belongs and is adaptable. A hook that looks warm next to your bed, and sophisticated next to your Italian leather low profile couch. A simple yet challenging idea. It would not just be your average wall hook, it would be the wall hook. Wall-Hook-Blog14-Ap29

The Creation

In October 2015, we decided to engage in the design world and the wall hook was one of our first original designs. A simple idea on reuniting everyday essentials into one area, keeping functionality, high quality, minimalism and environmental consciousness. An area that adds presence to your small space, an area that enhances your urban living with a high quality, minimal and adaptable product. The next question is how will we turn this concept into a product ? Follow us next week, as you will be the very first to see this product come to life. Wall-Hook-Blog16-Ap29