Kamp Rite: Bike Pop Up Tent

Kamp-Rite’s Midget Bushtrekka, is an innovative bike pop up tent trailer, which transforms into a luxurious tent cot and simply attaches to the back of your bike for easy transportation. Kamp-Rite-Bike-Pop-Up-Tent- 01 The small but proficient trailer has each wheel operating independently, making it convenient to tow on rough terrain. Despite its size the trailer provides over 41 gallons of storage space. Kamp-Rite-Bike-Pop-Up-Tent- 02 In a matter of seconds the tent can be easily folded and packed down into a compact carry bag. Kamp-Rite-Bike-Pop-Up-Tent- 03 Innovative and self-contained, designed for an off the ground personal sleeping experience, fitted with a waterproof rain cover, the pop up tent can be easily folded into a lounge when desired and keeps you off the ground. Kamp-Rite-Bike-Pop-Up-Tent- 04 Smooth corrosion resistant zippers on the window covers, with No-See-Um Flymesh mosquito nettings on all windows and doors enhance the comfort level while camping. Kamp-Rite-Bike-Pop-Up-Tent- 05 video