IPPINKA’s Lithuanian Linen

Lithuania, the southernmost Baltic state is not only known for its architecture and amber along the shores of the Baltic Sea, but also for its high-quality Lithuanian linen products. Lithuania has been cultivating and processing flax for thousands of years – a tradition etched into the country’s identity. Lithuanians themselves are very familiar with this plant. In fact, flax has a special place in Lithuanian folklore and ancient stories; and has been associated with a couple of old Lithuanian gods: Vaižgantas, the patron of flax cultivation, and Gabjauja, the guardian of the flax harvest. The country prevailed in the linen textile industry for decades; and “Linas”, the Lithuanian word for flax, is just impossible to miss when strolling along the streets of Vilnius. Over the years, however, the country has experienced a major deplete in flax production. Local farmers blame the lack of subsidy since joining the EU in 2004 as the ultimate culprit. Flax has been too expensive to grow and process now more than ever. And so, locals resort to growing flax as profitable crops rather than for textile production. Needless to say, once a basic commodity for Lithuanians, linen has now become a statement of luxury. IPPINKA has partnered with Linum Studio to bring the luxury of Lithuanian linen to you and your home. Linum Studio is a family-owned business. They make every product exclusively by hand and just like IPPINKA, they are an environmentally-conscious brand. They manufacture fabrics with a unique and nature-friendly technology, so much so that you almost don’t need to iron them. They are also prewashed with biodegradable laundry soaps. IPPINKA’s Lithuanian Linen provides everyday luxury you can enjoy. It is organic, lightweight, breathable, and to top it off: it is also moisture wicking. It absorbs moisture up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch, a quality especially great for bathrobes and bath towels. It has anti-static properties, is non-allergenic, and naturally holds off fungus and bacteria. The high-quality material makes it resistant to tears and stains, while still being machine washable. You’ll especially love sleeping on the linen, too! The technique used in manufacturing this linen creates a unique softness, and a relaxed, tousled appearance. It offers a blend of comfort and practicality, all while looking effortlessly elegant. This is the kind of linen bedding that makes it even harder to get out of bed on Mondays. IPPINKA’s Lithuanian Linen has a long lasting value and timeless beauty – qualities that are worth investing in.