Bookmark Lamp: Read In The Dark

The Bookmark Lamp is ideal for night reading, if you are a book lover and want to spend your nights infused in a book. As the name suggests, it not only lights up your page but also bookmarks it. Bookmark-Lamp-Lights-Up-Your-Page-In-Dark-01 It is minimalist and futuristic in design and concept, made through precise angles and measures so that the light tends to fall only on the pages and not on the eyes or the face of the reader. Bookmark-Lamp-Lights-Up-Your-Page-In-Dark-02 This small and exquisite design is lightweight and portable. You can see the words and text clearly and it provides an easy reading without straining the eyes. You will be able to spend hours reading without hurting your eyes. Bookmark-Lamp-Lights-Up-Your-Page-In-Dark-04 Extremely useful for college students who share a room with a sensitive roommate who may have a no-light at night rule. This super slim LED bookmark lamp light would come in handy. Just slip this thin and light weight gadget in between the pages and you are good to read in the dark till you desire. Bookmark-Lamp-Lights-Up-Your-Page-In-Dark-05 Functions as a good alternative for the desk lamp, this minimalist gadget is easily maneuvered and makes your reading in dark easy, comfortable and guilt free.