ZyntonyRa: The Outdoor Wearable Strap Light

Nowadays, we’re all probably using our phones as flashlights because it’s convenient. But there’s a product where you won’t have to hold it in the direction you want to see. It’s called ZyntonyRa, the world’s first strap light. Ra, for short, lights the area around you, not just the spot in front.  It even emits a warm, natural light instead of a harsh one. zyntonyra-cave-example-01 “It’s not about how bright a light looks, but how bright the light can make other things look,” said Zyntony, the designers of Ra. zyntonyra-camping-example-02 The strap light has five separable light units that are mounted on a stainless steel structure. This gives Ra a flexibility that typical flashlights don’t have. zyntonyra-flexibility-03 The magnets on ZyntonyRa are made with neodymium, a lightweight rare-earth metal with strong magnetic fields. This allows Ra to attach itself to most ferrous items easily and quickly. If you don’t have magnetic objects to affix Ra on, you can get the optional backer strip that lets you secure it on clothing. The backer strip uses the same neodymium magnets in corresponding positions as the strap light. zyntonyra-magnet-04 The magnets are placed on a polycarbonate strip that is tough and durable enough to remain flexible even in low temperatures. zyntonyra-flexibility-05 Ra also has other attachments like the D-ring strap and backpack shoulder straps that allows you to fasten it on non-ferrous objects. zyntonyra-backpack-shoulder-straps-06 Zyntony specifically designed portable chargers called BatPaks for Ra. The packs come in four sizes so you can obtain the ideal size you need for any journeys. Or get a big one for more sustainability. You can charge the strap light on any USB charging port. Goodbye bulky flash flights and cellphone lights and hello to Ra, the world’s first strap light.

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