Znak: Tear Off Modular Wallpaper

This innovative, tear off wallpaper is designed by Aldo Kroese and Studio Hausen for ZNAK. The unique wallpaper is meant to give your interiors a facelift in a jiffy. znak-wallpaper-04 Created with a unique and specially designed perforation, this wallpaper can be personalized and customized by tearing off the part you desire. You simply tear and peel – resulting in a unique signature wall. znak-wallpaper-06 The color and texture of the wall plays a crucial role in the outcome and appearance of the wallpaper. You can keep it soft, or use a standout bright base. znak-wallpaper-03 Available in 11 different shades to pick from, this perforated wallpaper is made out of non-woven material or vinyl coating. znak-wallpaper-02 This can really turn into fun and creative project. An easy craft and DIY project that the whole family can enjoy and participate in. Be innovative, be creative with ZNAK wall paper. znak-wallpaper-01

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