The Zipfel: Lightweight Stool

Described as a “small miracle” by Red Dot 21, Zipfel is the ultimate lightweight stool that is incredibly stable for its size. This unique stool was designed and manufactured by WERTHER, a furniture company based in Germany. Coming in 10 different colours, Zipfel’s minimalist look fits any area. Plus, due to its small size, you can put it away in, let’s say, a corner until you want to use it. But, according to Red Dot 21, “[Zipfel] feels most comfortable having at least one of its buddies by its side.” This cute stool comes in two sizes: 54 x 78 x 43 cm or 60 x 62 x 36 cm. You can use Zipfel as a foot stool or to seat numerous guests. Why not have one of each colour? Zipfel Zipfel was designed by Jan Armgardt who calls himself a “furniture fashioner,” according to Architonic. Architonic is an online community for architects, design enthusiasts, designers, and home-owners. Armgardt studied interior decoration and the practical side of furnishing. He also specializes in paper furniture. Some works include the Human Touch and Barbie’s New Living Room.

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