ZINK: Portable Zero Ink Printer

ZINK is a portable zero ink printer capable of printing photos directly from your smartphone. zink-portable-zero-ink-printer-02 The secret of this ink and toner lacking printer is in the paper. ZINK Zero Ink Paper is a patented paper created by the company which, when heated by the device, activates the yellow, magenta and cyan colour-forming crystals embedded within the paper itself. zink-portable-zero-ink-printer-03 The printer is operated by the ZINK Design & Print Studio app which allows you to center your images, add captions, and apply unique filters to enhance your photos. Once you are done editing, your images will print at a 2 inch by 3 inch size, at a 640 x 1224 dpi resolution, in less than one minute. Notably, the printer can output up to 20 prints before it needs to get recharged — which takes 1.5 hours and can be done using a micro USB adapter. zink-portable-zero-ink-printer-04 Despite its small size, the ZINK produces photographs which are rich and vibrant in colour. The prints are also watermarked and resistant to fingerprints, dust, and scratching. Worth mentioning is the fact that the ZINK device is capable of printing using many existing Apple AirPrint enabled apps. zink-portable-zero-ink-printer-05

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