Zinger: The Lightest Folding Wheelchair

For those who experience mobility difficulties, moving around is often limited to the maneuverability of their mode of transport, which in most cases is a wheelchair.  Father and son Royce and Joel Husted recognized the problems that the elderly and mobile impaired often experience with the typical wheelchair.  With Royce’s inventing background, the duo turned their dream of granting greater ease and mobility to wheelchair users into a reality with the Zinger Chair.  The world’s lightest folding wheelchair, the Zinger provides unparalleled efficiency and control. zinger_03 (738x492) All by tugging on a cord, the Zinger flattens into a highly portable suitcase-like contraption.  Made of a lightweight aluminum and comfortable mesh, the entire chair weighs in at 41 pounds, significantly lighter than any other chair on the market.  When collapsed, the Zinger is a mere 10 inches in height, meaning it can easily be stowed in a car’s trunk.  In fact, you could likely fit multiple Zingers in a standard car boot.  Assembly also isn’t required like it is with the average travel scooter; once again, simply pull on the cord to latch everything back into place. zinger_05 (738x492) Portability and efficiency aside, the Zinger uses a unique two-lever steering system that makes maneuvering the chair both intuitive and precise.  With a wider range of motion possible, it boasts the ability to practically turn on a dime, truly bringing mobility back to the user. zinger_04 (738x495)   In combination with several other innovative features like a foot rest that hinges out of the way for unobstructed standing, speed controls, reversing capabilities, guaranteed four-wheel turns, and more, the Zinger Chair is spinning circles around the competition, literally.

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