Zinger: Light And Easy Wheelchair

The Zinger is an electric chair with an easily foldable design. The novelty of the wheelchair comes from the handlebar-free design, which allows the user to pull up to a table or a desk easily. It contains left and right hand levers which steer the chair around and about. zinger-wheelchair-001 Royce Husted had the dream of creating a versatile automatic wheelchair for people with all different levels of disability. It’s appropriate for those who are almost entirely unable to walk. The Zinger proves to be the lightest wheelchair on the market due to the lack of gearing and aluminium frame. It is modern in design, weighing 38 pounds, and with a quick ability to fold. Its an easy to carry design, and moves with ease. zinger-wheelchair-003 The speed at which the Zinger can travel is within the FDA limit, from 6 mph to an impressive 8 miles. Instead of the handle bars, features two steering levers and a finger trigger controlling the speed. zinger-wheelchair-002 The Zinger also has an embedded “learning mode” so new users can get used to the feel of the product. Its ergonomic design is easy to manoeuvre and folds in a couple of seconds and can fit in the trunk of a car very easily. Video

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