Zettel’z 5: Your Personalized Chandelier

Zettel’z 5 Chandelier is a subtle spectacle for the modern home. Designed by Ingo Maurer, it is a piece that combines functionality with artistry – a hanging sculpture that lights up the room. At first glance, this chandelier is reminiscent of an adult mobile – fragile, abstract, chic. One could imagine it as the focal point for a dining room or hallway, but it also wouldn’t be too far-fetched to envision it hanging from the ceiling of a contemporary art gallery. Zettelz-02 One of the key features of this chandelier is that it’s completely customizable. There are 80 pieces of paper attached to the chandelier with paper clips. The entire piece comes with 49 blank sheets, as well as  31 sheets of paper printed with poetic sentiments. However, as the customer, you are free to utilize whatever paper you wish. This means one can play with colour, text, and pattern alongside shadow and light. zettelz-5-chandelier-05 This design is a completely modern take on the structured chandelier. The classic chandelier upholds a rigid and solid quality – ornate and immoveable. Zettel’z 5 takes these conventions and flips them around. There is a sense of movement in its delicate appearance, making it appear as though it is floating rather than hanging. Maurer’s design communicates a fresh simplicity in its aesthetics, thus becoming a fascinating, eye-catching addition to any space. One can purchase this unique chandelier design at Lumens: Light and Living. Zettelz-01

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