Zero Day Bed: The Futuristic Day Bed

The Zero Day Bed, created by Jorge Goval, is a remarkable piece of architecture, design, furniture and sculpture. This modern and minimalist design highlights the creator’s belief that simplicity is nothing but resolved complexity. Zero-Day-Bed-001 Suitable for both indoor-outdoor use, this magnificent and ultra luxurious lounger cum sleeper brings the user close to the nature and environment besides bringing peace of mind. It is meant to provide relaxation and responds to the surroundings, thereby enhancing the whole luxurious phenomenon. Zero-Day-Bed-02 Apart from being ultra luxurious, this day bed is ultra-soothing and inviting as well. Its fabulous interior, soothing movements, and adjustable positions are hard to resist. Entirely created using material such as anodized aluminium, stainless steel, and glass or carbon fiber, the lounger is wrapped with Italian textiles. Zero-Day-Bed-03 The Zero’s spaceship-like dome provides privacy and protection as if you are lying in a safe cocoon. This semi-spherical segmented glass or carbon fiber screen frame shell is clever to open to the world as well if desired. The 7.2 foot diameter bed features a reclining back and can make 360 degrees turns for the best orientation towards sunlight or the setting sun. You can drift on water, in sun or enjoy a cloudy day or simply sooth in the moonlight! Zero-Day-Bed-04 Absolutely cool, the Zero goes below zero degrees and rocks with its own integrated sound system, and has docks for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop gizmos. An irresistible additional retro-illuminated champagne bucket – making it indeed – a mechanical marvel of a day bed. Zero-Day-Bed-05 Video

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