Zepp Tennis App: Improve Your Tennis Game

Devised by the Zepp company, the Zepp Tennis app is a new tool  that works in combination with the Zepp Sensor  to analyze and provide data for tennis players – from amateurs to pros – looking to track their performance on the court. zepp-tennis-app-that-improves-game-02 By attaching the Zepp Sensor to the handle of the tennis racquet, it is able to gather vital information about a player’s usage and game-playing habits, and convert them into stats that can be tracked, analyzed, and shared by the user via the Zepp Tennis app. zepp-tennis-app-that-improves-game-04 Despite its small size, the Zepp Sensor comes equipped to take in a great deal of detail on a user’s progress and performance when they play, all from a discreet position of the tennis racket’s handle base. It analyses  everything from a player’s swing, their sweet spot, the amount of time spent on the court, even the power and spin behind their shots. The app displays these analyses, allowing users to replay their moves on the court, learn how much power goes into each move, and the spin achieved by each type of swing, from the serve to the backhand. zepp-tennis-app-that-improves-game-05 The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 6.1+, as well as Android devices, and uses Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity to save your data to your device, so you can review your game any time you want. The app even provides a variety of languages to choose from, including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), German, and Spanish. There is also the option for either metric or imperial conversions. zepp-tennis-app-that-improves-game-06 With a continuous recording span of 8 hours (based on usage) and a rechargeable Lithium ion battery built into the device, the Zepp Sensor and the Zepp Tennis app will allow tennis players to test, challenge, and revamp their game, with the help of quantified data. Whether you’re an amateur playing for fun or a pro looking to improve, the Zepp Tennis app can help you change your game – for the better.

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