ZEN: Unique Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are a great product to have in any living space. When combined with the right essential oils, diffusers have many health benefits including improving respiratory health, boosting immune systems, and reducing stress. There are many different types of diffusers on the market, but Aeros has created a new diffuser that features unique functions normal diffusers do not have. The ZEN diffuser is their newest product that elevates the function of a normal diffuser by adding a timer element, eliminating the use of water, including a soft light for relaxation, and unlike most diffusers, the ZEN is compatible with all essential oils. The ZEN diffuser does not require the use of water, instead, it uses elements of the Venturi effect in replace of water. The Venturi effect is used when the essential oil moves through a smaller tube with the added air pressure. That action creates the mist effect normal diffusers have, with the absence of water. ZEN uses a clockwork mechanism to control the diffuser. Located at the top of the device, the clock mechanism uses the same metrics as a regular clock to control how long the device stays on for. Simply move the handle to the time desired, and the diffuser will turn off for whatever time you have set it to. To turn off the diffuser, all you need to do is press the wood panel, that resembles a zen garden, located at the top of the diffuser. ZEN uses whole essential oil bottles so there is no need to purchase exclusive refills. It is also compatible with any essential oil on the market! ZEN has a built-in smooth LED light surrounding the zen garden like top of the diffuser. This allows for a relaxing soft light during night time usage or in the dark. The diffuser itself is constructed with rubber, wood, and ceramic, and it does not make a lot of noise. It is a unique take on the traditional diffuser!

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