ZEEQ: The Smart Pillow

If you love sleep as much as I do, then you would know that ways to improve your sleeping patterns are pretty popular. With various sleeping therapies and trackers sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The makers behind the ZEEQ smart pillow, want you to make your pillow more than just a soft rectangle on which you place your head after a long day. Zeeq-2 ZEEQ uses innovation and technology to provide users with a pillow that truly fits their needs. Everyone falls asleep in different ways, or wakes up in different ways and maybe you need that extra nudge-literally. ZEEQ is classified as a smart pillow because it can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and it plays music to help you fall asleep, monitor and react to your snoring, track your sleep, and finally wake you up with ease. By tracking your sleep patterns ZEEQ actually responds to the data it collects. Zeeq-1 Th ZEEQ app is easy to work. This is where you can control your timers, and especially select music to help you fall asleep. The music you choose can be selected from your favourite sources including Apple music or Spotify. Through the app you can also set a sleep timer so the music shuts off after some time, helping you to get into a deep sleep. Zeeq-3 If ZEEQ hears you snoring too loudly, the pillow will gently vibrate encouraging you to move to a new sleeping position. By tracking your natural sleeping movements and patterns, ZEEQ logs your sleep cycle so the pillow knows exactly when you need to be awake to start the day on a good start. Zeeq-4 Not only is ZEEQ that smart pillow solution you needed in your life, it is also comfortable and offers great support as it is the ideal combination of the best materials with technology. Comfort and design go hand in hand with ZEEQ. Zeeq-5 Get ready to improve your sleep quality with ZEEQ and sleep smarter. For more information, click me!

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