YouStand: The Standing Desk

It is now a commonly known fact that continually sitting for long periods of time—say eight or so hours five times a week—jeopordizes your health.  Spending hours and hours on your bottom leads to greater risk of high blood pressure, high cholestrol, type 2 diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease.  Of course, the healthier option is to stand, hence the recent popularity of standing desks.  However, this raises the question: what is one expected to do outside the confines of the home or office?  Evidently, lugging your standing desk around with you is out of the question.  That is, unless it’s designed specifically for simple portability.  YouStand is exactly that—an affordable standing desk that can easily be transported and set up in temporary locations. YouStand_02 Made of a durable yet lightweight Russian plywood, YouStand weighs a mere 12 ounces, less than a pound.  Despite this, the stand can sturdily hold standard 12-inch, 13-inch, and 15-inch laptops. YouStand_04 Just like the laptop itself, YouStand is designed to travel slim and flat.  Smaller than a 13-inch laptop when collapsed, it can easily fit in most computer bags.  Assembling the standing desk couldn’t be any easier.  A one-step process, YouStand’s two parts simply slide together to effortlessly interlock. YouStand_05 With leather-covered feet and laptop resting points, the desk is unlikely to slip and move around.  The desk also comes together to form a platform angled toward you, making for comfortable typing and touch-pad use.  To further ensure the security of your device, YouStand has additional locking teeth at the front that work in tandem with its ergonomic angle to keep things in place. YouStand_06 Easy to carry around, set up, and use, this standing desk provides a sturdy option for laptop users on the go.  Don’t compromise your health for work; stand tall wherever you’re stationed with YouStand.

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