YOUMO: The Smart Modular Power Bar

With the multitude of electronic devices available, shouldn’t there be a device that accommodates all of the charging options you need? Enter YOUMO, the modular power bar. Build and expand a power strip to fit your growing and changing needs. With USB and wireless charging modules, as well as standard outlets, it’s a power bar that can grow with you.


YOUMO is a simple yet stylish power bar. It starts with a white base unit that is available with 7 different cord color options and 3 different cord lengths. From there, snap on modules as you need them. There’s a triple and fiver plug module, a USB charger module, a wireless charging module, and a combo module with 1 outlet and 2 USB ports. Add the “smart” module to communicate with all of the other devices plugged into YOUMO.


YOUMO’s modular design means that it can adapt to your needs, now and in the future. New modules are in the works, including a WiFi repeater module and a wireless speakers. Why buy a new power bar every time your needs change when you can just get an extra module for an existing unit? Module designs also mean less waste in the future because you don’t need to replace the whole unit with changing technology.

The modules with outlets come with either North American or EU plugs, and the base units are available for both styles of plugs as well. This means that the YOUMO modular power bar is great for trips abroad. More plug types are currently in the works and will be available in the future.

YOUMO just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and will be available to its backers by February 2017.


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