Yohann iPad Stand: Minimal Design, Intuitive Use

YOHANN is not just another iPad peripheral. It is a stand designed and developed specifically to complement your iPad, offering just the right blend of functionality and minimalist aesthetics, while enhancing your viewing and listening experience. Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-01   The thin, lightweight single-piece wood construction and ergonomic shape of YOHANN was chosen as a result of structural calculations to provide the ideal level of stability. It can be positioned in three different ways without compromising comfort or usability. Adaptable to your environment, it remains stable even on soft  surfaces so you can take your iPad with you and use it anywhere–in the office, in the kitchen, on the bed or the couch, and even outside on the lawn. Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-03 There are four types of wood to choose from: cherry, walnut, oak, and maple. Each product has a natural look and is unique with its characteristic grain, finished with fiberglass-reinforced polymer. Or you can choose either a black or white piano lacquer finish for an added touch of elegance. It also comes with a handmade pouch as a gift option. Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-04 Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-05 Designed with sustainability in mind, production is delegated among small regional businesses in order to support local economies and to reduce transportation costs, while minimizing the overall impact on the environment. The manufacturers use only sustainably grown wood from the region and the piano lacquer uses recyclable thermoplastic polymer. Even packaging is kept to a bare minimum. Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-06 The process: a single piece of wood takes about ten hours to mill in the Italian Alps near Switzerland.  Sanding and polishing are then done by hand by traditional wood manufacturers based in the Black Forest region of Germany. Oiling and waxing are also done by hand in the same region, in a workshop that offers employment opportunities to people with disabilities. The lacquer is provided by a German manufacturer that specializes in the production of parts for Mercedes Benz, Audi and Porsche. Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-07 What all this means is that you can enjoy YOHANN knowing that each step of the production process and the materials used in the manufacturing of it adhere to the most sustainable efforts, while meeting high quality European standards. Check out their website at www.yohann.com Yohann-iPad Stand-Minimal-Design-Intuitive Use-08 Watch the video:

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