YAB: The Ultimate Car Finder

We’ve all noted the benefits of GPS–directions to a location without having to look at, memorize, or rely on someone to navigate from a physical map. Plus, the advanced notifications you receive from GPS before you need to change route, whether it be through a phone or a sole GPS device, certainly makes directions easy to follow! Another product that uses the same concept of a GPS system, but geared for a parking lot is the YAB. Ever went shopping or gone to the movies where there is a large parking lot and can’t remember where you’ve parked? Presumably, it’s happened to enough people, and the YAB creator himself, for its fruition. The YAB is a device used to find your car; also known as the car-finder. The YAB is designed as a small unit that is inserted into a USB port or car charger for your car. After insertion, you need to register it in the YAB app pertinent to your phone. Simply follow the prompts to have it activated on the app. The YAB uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and it wirelessly connects to your smartphone and can operate on an Android phone or an iPhone. When you are leaving your location of choice, you just refer to your YAB app and you get instant directions to your car. No more looking around, no more worries, and no more doubts about losing your mind! The YAB, a car-finder, is the best solution in the market to find your vehicle wherever you may be. Another great bonus you can use the YAB for receiving alerts for parking meters before they time out — how brilliant! This invention still needs support at a cost of only $29. YAB believes this low cost will ensure anyone with the opportunity to locate their vehicle regardless where it’s parked. To support this car-finder go to their Indiegogo page.

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