The Xylo Chair: A Sheet of Plywood Transformed

In today’s world, nothing can just be average. Everything we own or create is no longer simply defined by its function or its base, fundamental qualities; rather, we now define our items, our products, our creations by their uniqueness, what sets them apart from everything else. The Xylo chair fits in with today’s world. It’s a chair, but its aesthetic nature is such that it lends a flow and grace to its function and to anyone and everyone who uses it. xylo_chair_02 Designed by Morgan McBratney, the concept was first conceived in August 2009 and the final product was completed in October, 2009, a mere 2 months later. It  made its debut in Oklahoma, first at the Gilcrease museum in Tulsa, and then at the Living Arts gallery for the Oklahoma Visual arts coalition’s bi-annual “Momentum” show of media from all disciplines, where it earned 2nd place and a Curator Honorable Mention. The immediate success of this piece of well-carved and put together furniture says more than enough for the visual aesthetics that this chair provides. xylo_chair_03 As the name suggests, the chair was produced from a single sheet of plywood via CNC machinery. This means that the Xylo is environmentally friendly in the sense that it’s relatively easy to manufacture and requires few materials. Extensive research went into the structure and the ergonomics of this chair, all of which were very influential in the conception and production of this piece. The plywood used on the end grain is incredibly vital it the design, as it gives the chair substantial strength while also maintaining flexibility. The subtle curves used to shape the chair lend an air of comfort, as well as beauty, as the curves hug the body of the sitter, almost like an embrace. A beautiful, modernistic piece of art, this chair can act as both an item of function and of decor in your office, apartment, or any other location of your choice.

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