XTEND: The Portable Bathtub

There are things we cannot live, let alone travel, without. Essential items needed for daily activities are rarely missed in packing checklists, as we think about packing deodorant and toothpaste up till the moment we step into the terminal. However, when you arrive at your destination you can always buy more. Despite this fact, a traveler’s concern lies with the item or the method of performing the task, but what if there is no way to perform the task, regardless of your toiletry pre-flight checklist? One such task that we should never be denied is to clean ourselves. In case the odds of showering or taking a bath are slim, XTEND: the portable bathtub can put your mind at ease. XTEND is a collapsible bathtub, created by German Carina Deuschl, that can compress into a third of an inch high profile. It is made out of a strong, lightweight carbon fibre material. The pieces are cut into an accordion shape with a high pressure water jet, so they are precise. Weighing only fifteen pounds, this bathtub on-the-go does not hamper your traveling spirit at all. Strengthened by a set of legs, the XTEND is capable of supporting it’s waterproof liner and a tub full of water. Emptying the bathtub only requires a pump system for easy removal of it’s contents. Like the bathtub itself, the liner is compressible and can fit into a thin case for easy transport and protection. You never want to be stuck somewhere and not be able to clean yourself. Bathing can help you destress and forget about your day. The lovely experience of bathing can never be far away when you travel with the XTEND bathtub. To learn more about this German Design Award Gold 2017 winning creation, and more from Carina Deuschl, visit her website.

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