Xi Chair: 324 Piece Design

There is such beauty and wisdom to be found in other cultures. The effect of simply looking at something outside of your daily routine can work wonders on your mind and emotions. You might be able to overcome that cumbersome creative slump, or otherwise come up with a new solution for a problem in your life. There is just something about experiencing new things that rejuvenates and improves the individual. You can get this feeling by going on a trip but trips are temporary, owning your very own cultural escape in the form of the Xi Chair: 324 piece design chair can be forever. Made by Zhongshan Heyeju Furniture Co. and inspired by traditional Chinese folk toys – Ruban Locks – the Xi chair is made up of more than three hundred individual parts. These parts are connected by a mortise and tenon joint structure and can be rotated to change shape. This functionality gives the chair more applications than just a regular chair. This idea urges the consumer to rethink not only what a chair can be, but what life can be.

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