X-Bionic: Skin Energizer

What if you had more energy to workout? More input means more output. With the technology of X-Bionic, you can have approximately 33 per cent more energy to continue your work out regime. X-Bionic is a corporation that redefines functional clothing by maximizing the use of aerodynamics, dynamic stabilizers, and cooling powers. X-Bionic-05 According to the corporation, up to 97 per cent of an athlete’s energy is spent on maintaining an ideal body core temperature. This means that only three per cent of one’s energy is available for movement, muscular activity, and concentration. How the 3D Bionic Sphere® System works is, put simply, it cools your body temperature when you sweat and warms you when it’s low. X-Bionic-02 X-Bionic® says that a lot of sport undergarments remove sweat, leaving you to feel cool and dry. Although this is seen as a positive feature, by eliminating all sweat from one’s body, it’s actually forcing the body to increase its sweat production. The increase leads to loss of water, minerals, and salt in the body, and overtime, a decrease in performance. Instead of completely drying you off, the 3D Bionic Sphere® System traps some moisture but removes the surplus of sweat by evaporating it via thermal dynamics. X-Bionic-03 Called the First-on Skin Energizer, this outerwear suit is integrated with the 3D Bionic Sphere® System on the chest and back, as well as two other advanced technologies called InnerAirChannels and AirDuct Pads. The first stores warm air while the latter helps with ventilation and cushioning. The pads are located on the shoulder and hips. X-Bionic-back-08 As a recipient of a Red Dot Award, the jury said that X-Bionic’s First-on Skin Energizer, Cabela’s edition, “meets the requirements of its target customer, with the result of being a highly functional material, which is comfortable to wear.”

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