Wynd: Mini Air Purifier

Air quality in cities is not great even in the best parts of the city. Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t living in the newly industrialized cities of late 1800’s where lakes would catch on fire and cities would be shut down due to dangerous smog. Now is much better than back then, clearly. Yet, air quality in cities is still not ideal and is sometimes bad for your general health. This is Wynd Technologies, who has created the Wynd Air Purifier. This mini purifier is a portable, compact and powerful device that will eliminate allergens and pollutants in your air, wherever you may go. wynd-mini-air-purifier-07 The Wynd purifier filters out particles as small as .3 microns. This includes allergens such as pollen and cat dander, as well as harmful air pollutants like mold, spores, car emissions and dust. This will keep most harmful and uncomfortable airborne irritants out of your air. wynd-air-purifier-05 Wynd is convenient and portable, about the size of a water bottle. This means that it can be used wherever users need it. wynd-air-purifier-04 The device is controlled through the Wynd app, which connects to your device over bluetooth. In the app you will see the air quality in your home and you can increase or decrease purified airflow. Not only do you control the device through the app, but you receive notifications about when a filter change is necessary and can order new filters through it. Although Wynd is primarily controlled manually, it can be put into “automatic mode” where it automatically measures the air quality and changes the rate of air filtering in order to maintain efficient use of energy and ideal air for users. wynd-air-purifier-03 Wynd comes with portable air quality tracker that will notify you through the app when air quality is dangerous wherever you are. The tracker will also measure the air quality and relay its information to your air purifier which will adjust accordingly. Wynd can be ordered through its Kickstarter page which can be reached by clicking here. You can breathe easy with the Wynd air purifier.

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