Wristocat: Wrist Support For The Desktop

Give your wrists the break they deserve with Wristocat, a feline-inspired wrist support for the desktop that lets you effortlessly chase your mouse, keyboard, and touchpad, keeping your wrist aligned and resting in a flexible cradle. Designer, Dave Luciew, recognized that many of us spend several hours a day using a computer, causing our wrists to endure extreme bending, pressure, weight, dragging, and pulling against hard surfaces. This problem inspired him to create a solution for wrists! Unlike stationary wrist supports, Wristocat has a built-in magnetic levitation that enables friction-free gesturing and absorbs receptive stress! Whether you work at a desk all day or are an avid gamer, Wristocat is instrumental to your body’s comfort and health. In a swift motion, the wrist support moves with you, ensuring your hand is elevated so your fingers can rest on your touchpad, keyboard, or mouse. Making fluid, cat-like movements, it promotes the use of your entire arm, letting your larger arm muscles and back share the work. It also easily slides across your desktop while supporting your palm resulting in no pressure on your wrist at all! This wrist support for the desktop is a great tool for those who wish to create with precision and without any restrictions to movement. It alleviates common wrist stressors and lets you use your computer comfortably for as long as you need to!

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