Wristify: The Wearable Cooling System

As summer starts to heat up, we all start looking for ways to keep cool. The Wristify could help us with that. Developed by students at MIT, the Wristify thermoelectric bracelet is a personal heating/cooling device that you can wear on your wrist. This gadget is still in development, but the engineers at embr labs are hard at work making their award-winning prototype (they took home first place at MIT’s MADMEC competition) into a reality. wristify-01 The principle behind Wristify, is that if you heat or cool one small part of your body, it makes the rest of your body feel warmer or cooler as well. The bracelet heats or cools a small patch of skin on your wrist, and you instantly feel more comfortable. Sensors read the wearer’s body temperature, and the system automatically adjusts the thermal pulses that travel to the copper-alloy-based heat sink on the wearer’s wrist, keeping he or she feeling nice and cool. The ultimate goal in Writify’s design was to reduce the overall heating costs of large buildings. If the A/C was adjusted one degree Celsius less than average, one building could save a whopping 100 kWh a month. If everyone wore a personal temperature regulating bracelet at work, lots of energy and money could be saved while everyone inside stays comfortable. But Wristify would be great for outdoor use as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wearable cooling system on the beach, on the tennis court, or at the gym? A small device that you can slap onto your wrist and be comfortable in really hot or really cold weather would be a dream come true for a lot of people. Wristify is a great idea that’s sure to grab the interest of future customers. I only wish it were here now.   Video:

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