WRENCHit: All-In-One-Wrench

By December 28, 2016 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not the best at getting those pesky handy jobs done around the house, but I do love products that make life and technical repairs easier. WRENCHit is an all in one wrench that uses various mini tools in the form of a smooth tool pen. This tool pen is portable as well as versatile with a lightweight and super thin 4mm design. There is no need for a bulky tool box like Dad used to have, instead WRENCHit has actually compressed it all in this slim and stylish tool.


Mininch Inc, the Taiwanese makers behind this unique design, are on a mission to create innovative and stylish products to make life easier. The experience behind using this multi- purpose tool is meant to be pleasant for the user. This product is similar to Pop-A-Point which allows you to change the wrenches with different shapes, sizes and variations enabling a wide range of uses.


There is an inner pocket used with the sleeve of the wrench that allows you to slide the numerous wrench pieces in and out with ease. The arm of the sleeve also provides good grip when needed to turn objects. This wrench is considered to be convenient and flexible, but most importantly, it’s functional.


As mentioned above, the WRENCHit has an inner sleeve with up to five different wrench variations and more than fifteen frequently used functions. Each wrench, including the outer sleeve, is produced using high-grade ‘SUS 420 Stainless Steel’ with a smooth finish. To distinguish among the different wrenches and parts, each piece is engraved with its particular size and specifications.


WRENCHit offers a stylish, simple and neat design to fix any furniture, bike, appliance and household gadgets. The WRENCHit has a length of 34mm, a width of 21mm and features ten wrenches with fifteen plus functions. This includes an Allen wrench, Wing Nut wrench and a bottle opener. Every WRENCHit also comes with an easy to carry pouch which has many pockets for extra pieces. For full details and additional add on features check out Mininch.com

WRENCHit from mininch on Vimeo.

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