WOW-SOUND: The Ultimate Outdoor Speaker

Summer’s here, and with it comes intense outdoor activities! Biking, climbing, swimming, you name it all. While music has become more and more integrated into our lives through the leaps and bounds made in technology, speakers and other music-playing devices aren’t portable, have poor battery life, and aren’t made for the outdoors. That is, until recently. The WOW-SOUND speaker is your go-to speaker for any outdoor activity! It’s perfect to be taken outside, as it’s portable, durable, waterproof, and has 50+ hours of battery life! WOW-SOUND fits comfortably in your cupholder, floats in water, and is equipped with 360-degree LED lighting! It’s premium sound quality ensures that everyone hears the music, loud and clear.It’s omnidirectional Hi-i sound immerses you straight into the music. Sync up to 2 speakers for an ultimate surround sound experience. Take WOW-SOUND everywhere with you! Whether it’s swimming, camping, boating, to the beach, and much more! This unique speaker is built to live outdoors. It’s dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. Nearly indestructible! The attached handle makes it simple to grab and go. With a charging time of only 4 hours, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery, WOW-SOUND will always be good to go. Long camping trips won’t be a problem. You’ll be set for the whole weekend. WOW-SOUND’s bright, catchy design attracts the eye, making it harder to lose at night or outdoors. For use during the night simply turn on the 360-degree LED lights, and easily keep track of your device! For more information, visit their Indiegogo page, or view the video below.

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