Woven Table by Nendo

Sometimes, the simplest choices are the ones you can spend the most time mulling over. Ironically, the simplest option can be the best choice. This notion is the essence of beauty behind the minimalist movement in home décor. From Nendo, a Japanese company, comes the Woven Table collection from the company’s “invisible outlines” exhibition in Belgium. Using the neat aesthetic of lines, Nendo has created a stylish take on the everyday table. With a basket weave pattern on a portion of the table, it draws the eye without giving you a headache. This unique design only covers a portion of the table. It is as if the lines are spreading across the surface of the table, or conversely the lines could have covered the full surface and are fading into the smooth, one-dimensional surface. The woven pattern located on the surface differs from table to table.  Nendo has turned a basic and common piece of furniture into a work of art. The woven table is comprised of metal and due to the nature of the design, the table could not be made from one cut. Each section of the table is cut separately, connected and polished. The different mesh sections are comprised of two slightly different shades of white to emphasize the unique design. Only available in white, the woven table collection is available in various sizes and table surface shapes. Round and rectangular designs make the potential of the woven table being in every room a viable and commendable decision. There are also tables in which two smaller tables are joined together by a mesh section. Ideal for corners or work spaces, the woven table is as versatile as it is intriguing. The woven table by Nendo is one of the company’s many interesting approaches to design. See more of their work from their exhibit and website here.

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