World’s Smartest Outdoor Lantern

Bernard Auyang of O2 Tech has produced the World’s Smartest Outdoor Lantern. Camping requires a few absolutely essential items. A tent, sleeping bags, a backpack, and flashlights are all must-haves when camping. Normally, the flashlight is used for all lighting purposes. Light is essential at night when you are camping, but a flashlight is not aways ideal. That is why the 200 Lumen and 400 Lumen lanterns will make your camping experience much more pleasant by providing smart lighting. worlds-smartest-outdoor lantern-01 This lantern has the ability to change the brightness and colour of the light. Campers have the ability to choose between sixteen million different colours to curate lighting specifically to their mood. It even comes with a flashlight setting that can be used when travelling around a campsite at night. This incredible versatility combined with practicality is previously unheard of in the outdoor lantern world. worlds-smartest-outdoor-lantern-03 All of the settings of the lanterns can be controlled from your phone over Bluetooth. The lantern’s brightness can be adjusted, its colour can be changed, and it can be turned on and off through this devices app. The truly smart aspect of this device is its ability to measure the temperature and humidity levels. When it detects a change in temperature and humidity that indicates a major change in the weather, the lantern will notify the camper through the app. This gives you time to bundle up or take shelter if bad weather is approaching. Users use their phones to control the device and therefore users use battery on their phone. This means that users will undoubtably have to charge their phone at some point. Yet, phone charging stations are seldom found at campsites. Thankfully, this lantern is equipped with a USB port that allows users to charge their phones. worlds-smartest-outdoor-lantern-04 This outdoor lantern comes in two different sizes, the 200 Lumen that is 10 inches tall and the 400 Lumen that is 12 inches tall. Each are powered by rechargeable lithium ion that has the ability to give 8 nights of high power use and 30 nights of low power use. This is by no means a clunky inconvenient item to have on a camping trip, weighing only three pounds including the battery. This is the first step of many future products for O2 Tech. In the near future, O2 Tech wants to produce a full range of outdoor products that are rugged, powerful and most of all, beautiful. When using the World’s Smartest Lantern, camping at night becomes a much more convenient experience. Check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

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