WOOLLIP: Smart Travel Pillow

Let’s face it, one of the most uncomfortable modes of travel is the airplane. Sure, you get to distant destinations faster on a plane, but the whole experience is an exercise in patience and flexibility. On a plane, you could opt to keep yourself busy with in-flight movies, food, your e-readers or music, however, what most people want to do on a long flight is sleep until it’s over. When I mentioned contortionism, the act of showcasing great flexibility, you could almost consider yourself a master contortionist with all the creative ways you try to fold and bend yourself to find that sweet spot to sleep in. Two creative individuals named Frank and Diane Levy noticed this problem with sleeping on planes and decided to do something about it. They invented the Woollip. WOOLLIP edit 1 The Woollip is a smart travel pillow designed to allow a user to sleep leaning forward rather than leaning back. The Levy’s were inspired by the way portable massage chairs worked and decided to create a light weight, inflatable pillow using the same principle of sleeping face down. WOOLLIP edit 5 The Woollip is shaped with a comfortable, form fitting hole for your face to rest in and breath easily through, and a cut out hole for your arms to rest in while sleeping. WOOLLIP edit 6 The Woollip is quick and easy to use. Simply unfold the Woollip, inflate it with approximately 5 breathes of air, seal the air in with the mouth piece button and then find your most comfortable position. The Woollip can be used easily in a plane seat by dropping the tray table in front of you and resting the Woollip on top. The Woollip allows for a more comfortable sleep than some neck pillows can offer, with their impulse to bend your neck back while you sleep. Once the Woollip is set up, you can use the pillow in a number of different ways. WOOLLIP edit 3 The Woollip Kickstarter has now gained 4,918 backers with 245,620 euros pledged to the project. They have since transferred to their Indiegogo page here. They Woollip travel pillow hopes to be released by September 2016.

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