Woofice: An All-In-One Doggie Den, Chair, and Exercise Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball while working is a fun thing to do, but what if your dog could also join the fun? Croatian designer Senka Skenderovic took this idea a step further with Woofice, a functional office chair for human and dog. Woofice-An-All-In-One-Doggie-Den-Chair-and-Exercise-Ball-03 Like an exercise ball, Woofice is designed with a rounded outer shape, while the air-filled seating helps you to sit more comfortably. The design of this chair will help you to work on your core muscle strength, while your furry friend can stay cozy underneath you. The idea of the Woofice chair originated to promote pet owners bringing their dogs to work, so their dogs will be less lonely. Woofice-An-All-In-One-Doggie-Den-Chair-and-Exercise-Ball-04 The chair is mostly made up of PLA fiber, a newly developed material that is sustainable and eco-friendly. The chair body is also made out of recyclable material to promote environmental friendliness. The wheels on the bottom offer better mobility– roll around a bit to have some fun. Woofice-An-All-In-One-Doggie-Den-Chair-and-Exercise-Ball-02 Woofice began as just an idea to bring dogs and owners more closely, but it has grown into something larger than that. Kids could also take use of the chair to store their favourite toys. The soft material of the chair with zero sharp edges makes it kid friendly furniture. It can become a toy itself! Woofice-An-All-In-One-Doggie-Den-Chair-and-Exercise-Ball-05 The Woofice stays within the limits as a functional office chair, and by combining innovative ideas and design, it exceeds as one tool and becomes a multifunctional design product.

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