WonderCube: All Your Mobile Essentials In A Tiny Cube

Smartphones these days are a thing of wonder, with each generation released boasting a slimmer size, better camera, and other advanced features. Yet, Smartphones, as amazing as they are, can still be a cause of frustration, with limited battery life and memory space, for example. Well, would you believe a tiny keyring device can not only help with those frustrations, but also provide many other smart mobile solutions? Designed by Mutants DesignLab, the Wondercube is a tiny cube accessory that offers eight different functions for your mobile needs. wondercube-all-your-mobile-essentials-in-a-one-inch-cube-1Sitting at only one-inch (3-inch with the foldout cable extended), the Wondercube is durable and lightweight, with one side extended as a regular-sized USB and the other side a micro USB and lightning connector for any Apple users. wondercube-all-your-mobile-essentials-in-a-one-inch-cube-2And if you’re on the go and that dreaded red battery icon flashes on your screen, simply pop open the WonderCube’s top and plug a 9V battery to get some extra juice that will extend your phone’s battery life by 3.5 hours. If the phone needs to free up some space, you can also use the USB plug as a microSD card reader that can hold up to 64 GB. wondercube-all-your-mobile-essentials-in-a-one-inch-cube-3Along with the above essential functions, the WonderCube can also come in handy with its ability to work as a stand. With a micro-suction plate on one side, you can attach the WonderCube to the back of a smartphone and use it to take either portrait or landscape photos. wondercube-all-your-mobile-essentials-in-a-one-inch-cube-4Finally, the WonderCube has a convenient built-in LED flashlight to help quickly find any lost items in the dark. Available in four colours—black, white, blue, and green—the versatile and compact WonderCube is a tiny accessory, but big in functionality, that may soon be dangling from people’s keychains in Fall 2015, according to its Indiegogo campaign page. Video:

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