WM07: Home Food Compost Device

The WM07, designed and produced by Korean company Coway, is an ultra-accelerated compost device that is odorless and self-cleaning. In just 4.5 hours it can turn food waste into highly concentrated fertilizer.


WM07 works by first grinding up the food waste and creating a high temperature environment. Then, through a hybrid condensation system, odor-causing vapour is liquified and channeled into a water container where it is subsequently flushed out. Exhaust air must also pass through a deodorizing filter to remove any odor particles remaining.


The device is very straightforward to operate. The user simply treats it like a waste basket, and puts in any organic, high moisture food waste (including bones).


Once the container is about full, the device can start composting with a simple press of a button.


After just 4.5 hours, the composting process is done. 90% of the waste matter will have been reduced into highly concentrated fertilizer. Odorless and dry, the fertilizer can be stored away hygienically if it is not used right away.


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