Withings Activité : The Activity Smart Watch

Brought to you from the watchmakers valley in Switzerland, Withings Activité is the next generation in wearable technology. This wrist-worn smart watch has all the capabilities of any fitness tracker on the market; using an accompanying app to record your steps taken, swimming strokes, overall activity, and helps monitor your sleep to help you establish optimal habits. withings-activite-02 The watch face is covered by a dome made of scratch-proof sapphire glass. The watch case is made from stainless alloy steel which will prevent signs of wear and corrosion over time. The band is stitched straight-cut leather and the device is currently available in black or tawny. This simple, yet sleek and modern design will accompany you effortlessly in style anywhere you need to go. withings-activite-03 Inspired by vintage French stopwatches, the main dial tells the time, and in a modern twist the small inset dial represents a preset activity created using the designated app. This feature helps you stay on track no matter you are doing without having to switch devices, and it will even vibrate when you reach 100% of your activity goal. withings-activite-10 Withings’ HealthMate app is designed to monitor 5 dimensions of your health: activity, sleep, weight, heart, and environment. The app acts as a stats-tracker and a life coach, motivating you to make healthier lifestyle choices. withings-activite-01 Swimming is an excellent activity for improving strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health with little impact on your joints. The Activité will automatically detect when you begin swimming and will count your strokes, making it easier to stay on track and push yourself in the pool. It is water resistant up to 50-meter depths, and don’t worry about ruining the leather band; the Activité comes with extra silicone straps for all athletic activities. It can also detect when you begin running and the HealthMate app will give you daily recaps of your duration, distance, and caloric expenditure. withings-activite-04 The device offers 24-hour monitoring, with the capability to collect data about the duration, quality, and consistency of your sleep. It requires no charging, which means no annoying wires or cables like most activity monitors. Instead, it contains easily changeable batteries that last up to 8 months. If that isn’t low maintenance enough for you, the watch will also automatically change time zones as you travel. withings-activite-11 The Activité is a stylish yet functional alternative to traditional wrist-worn fitness trackers, suitable for almost any lifestyle. Video:

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