WiseButton: Control And Find All Your Devices

Wise Button, a stylish tracking device and a universal bluetooth remote control. 01 With a starkly modern, design Wise Button come in two colour spectrums: a bright and vibrant line targeted at the young crowd while a subdued and classical gamut at the business professional. 02 Wise Button works with any Android, Apple, or Windows device. It easily communicates with smartphones, tablets, music players, PCs and laptops. 03 Wise Button helps you navigate through your photos, songs, videos, slideshows, and websites wirelessly. There’s even a button for taking photos, recording videos, and capturing sound—remotely of course. 04 Most importantly, Wise Button is remarkable in locating your misplaced phone easily: hit the search button and the linked device will make itself be heard in an instant! 05 Wise Button also provides anti-theft protection: the button sounds an alarm any time your synchronized device is more than 20 feet away from you. This search feature works both ways, you can always locate your missing Wise Button from the synchronised device if needed. 06 The company also offers Wise Button Stickers which track up to a distance of 150 feet and can be pinned to virtually anything or anybody you don’t want to lose. 07 With a fairly long battery life, 1 month for the button and 3 months for the sticker, Wise Button can be recharged using a micro USB cable. 08 Video:

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