Winter Heated Insoles

Those living in colder climates will be fully accustomed for work, leisure, and keeping warm in general already. However, there are times that one can choose to have another winter coat, or mittens, or boots, or other applicable winter wear. Some new items will perform better than previously owned items, and some will be the same albeit with a new feel. Despite the selection of winter wear one may have, there is always an opportunity for betterment to keep one warm. A product that can give a solid performance of providing warmth,  especially for a body part that is hard to keep warm regardless of the layers is our feet! Plus Winter are heated insoles that provide heat for users up to a few hours. Basic RGB The Plus Winter insoles are wireless, and can be controlled via a smart phone app. Once the insole is placed inside the winter wear foot gear, you can regulate the desired temperature of the insole. If you do not use the app, Plus Winter can also be self activated because of the internal sensory system . The accelerometer that is built inside lets it continue its function even if the controlling smart phone is low in battery. It comes with a wireless charger so when it is not in use it can be charged. plus-winter-2 Other important features are the Plus Winter being waterproof. If one wearing this insole comes into wet conditions, it won’t affect these insoles as they will have resistance to it. Furthermore they are only 2mm thick, which makes it thin enough for the perfect fit and palpable to feel nothing except the heat. plus-winter-3 The creators proudly market that Plus Winter was created in Switzerland and is manufactured in Italy. As it needs funding to be mass produced, currently where it is made, it is with excellence and high quality. If this product is one that allures a necessity during colder temperatures, then this is one to take. To support this project, check out the Kickstarter page.

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