WingLights: Indicator Lights For Bikes

Ever tempted to bike to work, save a few pennies and a tiny bit of the world at the same time?  For some people, it’s no big deal, a small town commute can be easy and probably quite fun.  But for those of us living in the city where the only way to drive is aggressively, the idea of biking to work is a little daunting.  Our hand signals are a little old fashioned and if many of us are honest, we never quite remember what they are.  So WingLights might be just the thing to make us finally hop on our bikes and get to where we’re going. WingLights-01 WingLights by CYCL, a London-based company, were designed with the specific intent to make biking safer.  The WingLights attach easily to the ends of you handlebars (currently only straight handlebars but they are working on adapting for bullhorn and cruiser bars) and are illuminated with a simple tap.  Indicator lights, so simple and they increase the confidence of a cyclist.  The lights are great for any type of weather, visible in the day, definitely at night and don’t even notice if they get wet. WingLights-03 It’s ridiculous that WingLights are only just coming out, commuter cyclists being a prominent part of society and their safety a perpetual concern.  But hopefully with this awesome product, more people will feel safer on their bikes and choose the ride to work on a bike over a car, slowly eliminating the number of cars on the road and the emissions in the air.

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