WINGBRUSH 2.0: Interdental Cleaning

Oral health is of the utmost importance. Your gum health contributes to your overall health as your body is all interconnected. However, an essential task like flossing shouldn’t feel like a chore when it impacts so much. The Wingbrush 2.0 is an interdental brush that provides improved comfort when cleaning spaces between the teeth. The innovative handle and the patented feeler cleans much better between those tiny spaces. You’ll no longer fear cleaning your gums on a daily basis because Wingbrush takes almost no time to get your gums squeaky clean. Furthermore, this innovative tool makes flossing after meals an essential step you’ll look forward to. Traditional floss can be tricky. We rarely keep up cleaning between our teeth because it can be time-consuming, inconvenient and difficult to handle on the hands. Therefore, when we neglect to remove plaque build up, we are allowing bacteria to metabolize leftover food thus triggering inflammation that could trigger periodontitis. Hence why interdental cleaning is so relevant. The 2.0 version features a 25% longer brush so molars can be cleaned more thoroughly, a coated wire to prevent bending, and increased tension along the pivot point to provide ease. Wingbrush provides interchangeable brush heads in 3 different sizes. They are suitable for cleaning crowns, bridges, implants, braces, and retainers. They reduce pain in the gums compared to regular methods of cleaning. Instead, they help to massage and strengthen gums. Additionally, they are able to remove more plaque due to the larger contact surface of the brush. Wingbrush’s efficacy was tested in cooperation with the centre for Dental and Oral Medicine of the University of Bonn in Germany. They tested the Wingbrush against an alternative interdental cleaning aid. Their results showed that Wingbrush was able to reach further into the interdental spaces. Wingbrush’s journey began in 2012 with a clever idea hatched by a dentist and two eager partners came together to make a dream come true. Armed with the goal to make a positive impact on dental health and aim for revolution, these three bore Wingbrush, a tool that makes daily-life much easier. See their Kickstarter, by clicking here, to kick-start your new and improved oral health regime!

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