WholeStory: Hammock and Lounge Chairs

Bask in the outdoors in the most comfortable way possible- in a hammock or lounge chair! WholeStory Collective is dedicated to making everyone comfortable through sustainable materials and excellent craftsmanship. Each hammock is made by a family of artisans who have been hand-weaving hammocks for over 80 years. Furthermore, with every purchase, 10% of the proceeds goes towards building a home for a family in need. What’s so special about these hammocks? Each and every single one is double handwoven with soft spun yarn- a perfect fit around your body when you lie down! It’s durable, UV resistant, and made to last outdoors. Choose from several different hammocks- the Hanging Hammock Chair, which can easily be used as a hanging chair or hammock, the Traditional Hammock, perfect for afternoon naps, and the Family Hammock- for more than one person. The Hammock Loungers come in several different designs as well- all of which are perfect for lounging outdoors. Similarly, the lounge chairs are also durable- made for the outdoors with natural oils that make it both rot and insect resistant. It’s portable, and can easily be folded away for transportation! Take it with you on your next camping trip. Each Lounger has 4 different reclining levels for optimal relaxation, and is made out of sustainably harvested teak wood. For every finished Hammock Lounger, 100 trees are planted! Help repopulate the Earth with trees one bit at a time- and sit back and relax while doing so. To learn more about WholeStory, visit their website or their Kickstarter! Watch the video below to learn more about WholeStory Collective and their mission. <iframe width=”738″ height=”415″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/jIPggWznivg?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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