Whistle: The Smart Dog Tracking Device

WhistleGPS is the latest dog tracking device announced for release in the summer of 2015. whistle-dog-gps-06 The makers at Whistle Labs have previously released a version called Whistle that monitors canine fitness and activity, but with its latest innovation WhistleGPS will now come with doggie tracking capabilities. whistle-dog-gps-02 Whistle has partnered with French company Sigfox to run on a new cellular technology known as sub-gigahertz (Sub-GHz): a low-power wireless network that connects ‘things’ to the Internet, aptly referred to as the internet of things (IoT). This allows for the silver dollar-sized gadget to run for a week before recharging and connects WhistleGPS wirelessly with the owners’ smartphone using bursts of data. whistle-dog-gps-03 Waterproof and measuring only 38 mm in diameter and 10 mm thick, WhistleGPS is the smallest and longest lasting pet location device on the market. whistle-dog-gps-04

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