Weighitz: The Miniature Wireless Weighter

Meet Weighitz, a high-precision miniature scale that can weigh anything. From using it in the kitchen as a food scale to weighing one’s body mass to evaluating the heaviness of a luggage, Weighitz can weigh it all. The bigger the object, the more Weighitz you need to weigh it. It might sound like a hassle to have more than one to use, but a Weighitz is only 2.3 cm high and 8.1 cm wide. It’s a very miniature scale. Plus, its magnetic base allows you to stick it on your refrigerator for easy access. Weighitz-functions-06 Of course, depending on your use for this mini scale, you might only need one. By itself, Weighitz is perfect for kitchen use. Weighitz-kitchen-use-04 Connected to a smartphone app, Weighitz measures the object and sends the results to your phone. If you’re using more than one Weighitz, the app combines all the readings from the individual scales into one total weight. Weighitz-scales-03 Alan Kelly, the creator of Weighitz, fully utilizes the product’s wireless functionality. Applications that increase user experience are created according to the suggestions of the customers. Weighitz-functions-02 The app currently has a Portion Control function that connects to a food database and will display the nutritional content of the food you weigh on the scale. Kelly and co-founder Dr. Poornima Kumar have plans to improve Portion Control by integrating calorie information, diet recommendations, and healthy eating alternatives. Portion Control will assist the user in achieving weight gain or loss, or specific goals. Weighitz-08 The Weighitz app also has a luggage function that lets you see your baggage’s weight adjust in real time, alerting you when it approaches the weight limit. Weighitz-luggage-07 The non-slip portable scale is water resistant to an extent. It has an Ingress Protection (IP) of 4. The IP rating is the level of protection a product has against considerations like dust, human touch, and water. This means that you can clean Weighitz with a wet sponge, but it cannot be placed in a tub of water. Weighitz-information-07 Without its own platform, you can use any flat item as a platform for Weighitz, like a cutting board, clipboard, etc. If you’re ever curious about how much your pet weighs, you can even use his comfy bed as the platform! Weighitz-weighing-pets-05 Say goodbye to the bulky scales and say hello to Weighitz.

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