Wedge Side Table: Flatpack Design

The Wedge side table is the perfect essential for every homeowner. This simple, well-designed interior piece is innovative and unique. And in addition to being timeless and beautiful, this side table is incredibly easy to assemble. wedge-03 Andreas Kowalewski, renowned Amsterdam-based designer, applied his passion and creativity towards this brilliant product, using a flatpack style. Kowalewski believes in simplicity, minimalism, and beauty, which is clear through the Wedge. wedge-04 It’s simple, the top plate of the table is secured with screws to a narrow piece of plywood and attached to three easily interlocking pieces, which provide support. wedge-05 Since there aren’t many pieces, the great design makes it incredibly easy to build, store, and move around your home. This table requires less space, less labour, and less assembly time. wedge-06 Not too big and not too small­, this table is ideal, functional, and very useful. There’s no other home essential like this eco-friendly one. wedge-02 The Wedge is the best example of perfection being achieved through such a simple product. For more information about the Wedge side table, click right here!

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