The Weather Station: Meteorology Simplified

Just knowing the temperature isn’t always enough to determine what the weather will feel like outside. That’s where the Weather Station comes in. This little device can convey in a glance, what the weather will feel like, rather than just the numbers. And it’s not only practical. Its fun, retro, almost nautical design makes the Weather Station a great addition to your home decor. You’ll always leave your dock prepared for the conditions ahead. weather-station_03 The Weather Station simplifies the weather, but it does feature actual readings as well. The device has two needles that measure two different meteorological conditions: the temperature and the humidity. The temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit, and the humidity as a percentage. Under the numbers, the “feeling” of the temperatures and percentages are clearly written, with ranges labelled simply for easy reading. Anything over 74 degrees Fahrenheit, is “too warm,” and anything under 68 degrees is “too cold.” The humidity is either “too dry,””just right,” “humidity is bearable,” or “too humid.” When both needles cross in the shaded area near the centre, the conditions outside are “just right.” Without analysing the numbers, the labels let users know what the weather will feel like that day. Pretty simple, and pretty effective. weather-station_02 This device is quite the looker as well. The body is made of 100% brass, and the device is made in Germany. It’s made to be kept indoors, but can be installed outdoors in a covered area away from the sun (excessive moisture or heat could affect the instruments inside). Because it’s made of brass, it will eventually develop a rustic, patina finish unless it’s polished. Either way, the Weather Station has a striking, old-school feel to its look. In terms of helpfulness and beauty, it doesn’t get better than the Weather Station.

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