Wearable Wrist Contactless Payment

With the advent of Apple Pay and Google Pay, digital convergence has proven to be intriguing when it comes to contactless payment. Along with the other ongoing tech trend, wearable technology, PureWrist is a wearable device that is connected to a prepaid debit card supported by MasterCard. It allows for users to make payments on the go with a simple scan. pure-wrist-005 The wrist band uses Gratitude™, which is a prepaid reloadable debit card supported by MasterCard. It is created into a small form using an antenna which is then inserted into the PureWrist bracelet. This is distinguished from a credit card because approval is not needed. pure-wrist-003 The wrist band is coated in a soft luxury silicone that allows for comfort around one’s wrist. The PureWrist is able to endure a plethora of situations, including the shower or the beach, seeing that it is waterproof. The durability makes on-the-go payments easy as the tiny card can be scanned in a second. pure-wrist-002 In addition to the technical aspect, the PureWrist is a fashionable wrist accessory, that can be found in two models – the “Kathryn”, which is 7.1 inches in length, and the “Jerome”, which is 16.8 inches in length. Both of these models come in black, with differing designs.

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