Wazer: World’s First Water Pressure Cutter

In the age of a growing DIY culture, the production of goods at home is becoming more and more popular.  This means that there is a growing demand for equipment and tools that are suitable for the home.  In the case of standard material cutters, the market is flooded with expensive, cumbersome, and overall inaccessible versions.  Wazer, the world’s first desk-friendly water pressure cutter, is a much welcome deviation. wazer-front-on-738x492 Using a combination of water and minuscule, sand-like garnet particles, a high-pressure pump jets the mixture out into a fine cutting stream.  The garnet particles work as an abrasive cutting enhancer that gives Wazer the power to cut through almost any material from aluminum to steel to marble to copper. penny-only-orig-738x520 Powered using your everyday, standard outlet, Wazer is the epitome of convenience.  Its compact sizing means the system won’t take up half of your workshop, and can simply sit atop your desk.  Having said that, the water pressure cutter is a two-part tool; it consists of a main body and then a separate pump box that can sit underneath your desk.  Alternatively, Wazer comes with removable legs that transform the two separate pieces into one built-in, stand-up unit. wazer-desktop-and-legs-side-by-side Compatible with various design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, Google SketchUp, or Solidworks, Wazer’s own program can then take your digital project and transform it into tangible beauty with a precision of 1.5mm.  Simply input your concept into Wazer’s software, set the cutting path and material type, quality, and thickness, and you’re set to go.  Of course, in the interest of safety, Wazer won’t start the cutting process until its cover is completely shut.  Keep those precious hands safe, folks. wazer-with-legs-in-office-738x492 The first cutting-edge, water pressure cutter of its kind, Wazer makes at-home DIY cutting projects an easy, safe, and precise process, all without crowding your workstation.

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